Steventon Church Window.

It’s amazing what happens when you have an allotment. I took a fellow allotmenteer and friends on a Jane Austen Tour recently and a short time later Carol said, “I have a present for you”. I expected a vegetable swop as allotmenteers often do, but no.

We met at her house, went into the garden and she said, “You will have to lift them one is rather heavy”.

“What are they?”

“It’s some of the old stonework from the east window of Steventon church”.

Made of a soft, pale stone, there were three pieces, one large and heavy and two smaller bits of quite delicate stone tracery.

They were bought as the window was being replaced in 1975, a contribution was made to St Nicholas’s church funds and they have been adorning a garden ever since. I took the three chunks of masonry home, scrubbed them clean of moss and lichens and they are now in my garden.

One of the churchwardens at Steventon remembers the window being replaced sometime in the summer of 1975. There are other parts of the window in the fireplace in the church along with the Austen’s well pump handle.

What I do with these bits of masonry I have yet to decide, but I am very pleased to have been given them.

Phil Howe

February 2014

Phil displays the parts of the stone window from Steventon Church .

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