About Us

People do not often have opportunity to appreciate the countryside. Business visits are often rushed, with little time to appreciate the country visited, or visitors are herded around the sights on a busy itinerary with scheduled stops that offer the usual tourist shopping experiences.

Hidden Britain Tours Ltd will take you on a mini-safari. You travel with a guide who treats you as an individual, explains the landscape, and the people who work in it.

Your time is important, so our tours can be a morning or afternoon, or a whole day. This gives you an opportunity to see the beauties of the countryside that are off the usual tourist routes, but at the same time enables you to see the major attractions as well as the villages and countryside that most visitors usually miss. The tour is an orientation, allowing you, if you have more time available, to explore more of the places and people you wish to visit.

Small groups to a maximum of seven are catered for in an air-conditioned people carrier chosen for its capacity and comfort. Binoculars and natural history reference books are carried to enable us to identify any interesting finds.

Ideas of eco-awareness will be fostered whilst on the tours, and sites of special scientific interest will be respected. The Country Code will be adhered to. We take nothing but photographs and aim to leave as little an imprint on the landscape as possible.

Phil Howe, your guide, studied at the University of Reading, was a Senior Lecturer, working with universities and colleges, frequently travelling in Europe as a consultant to educational institutions. He has a rural background and a talent for explanation.

About You

Our customers are the curious, the inquisitive, families, friends, international visitors, clubs, societies, conference delegates, the less able, visiting academics, Jane Austen fans and people like you.

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